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HONDA Motorcycle Electronic Parts Catalogue

Questa pagina è disponibile anche in italiano.

August 3th, 2007. Some time ago I made available on my web site some pages from the Honda Motorcycle parts catalogue (EPC). Today I received an email from an italian lowyer on behalf of Honda Motor Japan, asking me to remove the pages from the internet within 10 days.

I replied with the following mail, asking if it is possible to keep the pages on-line. I cc'd this mail also to the Honda Motor customer care: and

It is flattering to be contacted by you - on behalf of
Honda Motor Japan - about the presence on my web site of some
excerpts from the "HONDA Motorcycle Electronic Parts Catalogue".

As you can expect, I'm a bit disappointed by the request to
remove those pages from the internet (

I've been an Honda customer for over 16 years, now I own an NTV650
Revere and an SH150, my wife owns an SH150 too. I'm expecially
proud of my motorbike, which I drove for 16 years across 170,000
km (106,000 miles). I always provided maintenance by myself, in
this page I share some exciting experiences:

One of the main reasons of my satisfaction is the availability of
the shop manuals and original spare parts, beside the excellent
support provided by the authorized dealers.

In my free time I set-up the web pages we are talking about. As
you can verify, they are part of the Honda EPC catalog.
Unfortunately they are old data (2004), because I was unable to
obtain a more recent version.

Browsing those pages is for me extremely useful, beacuse I can
purchase the spare parts that I need from the Honda dealer,
giving him no hassle and with extreme effectiveness.

I made those pages available on the web because I was thinking
that they can be useful to Honda customers and to Honda Motor
too, as an advertising mean. I cannot imagine how this fact can
damage Honda Motor.

It is worth noting that the same information are available for
free in several ways:

- from the official Honda dealers, when you ask for a
  quotation on spare parts,
- from some internet sites, where you can also purchase
  spare parts on-line,
- from several internet sites, availables for free under the
  name of "microfiches" pdf files.

However I perfectly understand that Honda Motor Japan is the
copyright holder of that material, this is why I never publicized
those pages.

I would like to ask Honda Motor if it is possible to obtain a
more recent version of the EPC catalog and if there is a way to
mantain the availability of the web pages. This is for me a pure
hobby activity, till now the server never generated a noticeable
amount of traffic.

I hope to obtain an answer within 10 days, when I was asked to
remove the pages from the web.


Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy
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