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Raspberry Pi NAS: Gamepad as Kodi remote

I have two SNES-Like gamepads, both are recognized by the Linux kernel Dragonrise module hid_dr. The older one is shipped with bot an USB dongle and a Nintendo adapter, the second one has only the USB dongle. In the picture the USB only model is the one with colored keys:

They are different models: the old model is identified by lsusb with this output line:

Bus 001 Device 010: ID 0079:0011 DragonRise Inc. Gamepad

The new model has a different ID:

Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0079:0126 DragonRise Inc.

To pair the gamepad with the USB receiver, first proceed by disconnecting the host USB dongle. Press the Start, Select and Up buttons simultaneously on the gamepad; the red LED starts flashing rapidly. During the next 10 seconds you have to insert the USB receiver into the host port, the pairing takes place automatically.

Configuring the gamepad in Kodi

You have to install the package

  • kodi-peripheral-joystick

Other packages may be useful to debug and solve problems:

  • input-utils - Contains the lsinput and input-events tools, used to view input events produced by the gamepad.
  • evtest - Contains the evtest tool, used to monitor input events.

Install the kodi-peripheral-joystick package and restart Kodi, then go to SettingsSystem settingsInputConfigure attached controller. In this section you can choose the controller type: Kodi 17.6 has only the generic one, Kodi 18.7 has a generic Kodi and a specific Super Nintento.

Il is possible to configure each key, but default settings should be OK.

Custom configuration is saved into the directory $HOME/.kodi/userdata/peripheral_data/, in our case the file was named addon_YSTEK_MICREAL_USB_Gamepad.xml.

The gamepad goes to stand-by after some time of non-use. To wake it up it is necessary to press the start button; the red LED turns on and the gamepad is working.

Problem: non working left and right arrows

Everything is working correctly with a Raspberry Pi 3, using RaspiOS based on Debian 9.11 Stretch and Kodi 17.6. There is instead a problem with a Raspberry Pi 4, using RaspiOS based on Debian 10.8 and Kodi 18.7: the Left and Right arrow keys do not work.

Someone had the same problem using Retropie: Controler Issue (no left and right not working at all).

Working kernel versions

System Kernel ABS_X Working
Raspberry Pi 3 4.19.66-v7+ Yes
Raspberry Pi 4 5.10.11-v7l+ No
PC amd64 Debian 10.8 4.9.189-3+deb9u2 Yes
PC amd64 Debian 10.8 4.19.67-2+deb10u2 Yes
PC amd64 Debian 10.8 4.19.98-1+deb10u1 No
PC amd64 Debian 10.8 4.19.160-2 No

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